Thursday, 6 March 2008


It turns out William Cintron was not living with Edna in september 2001.
According to the neighbors of their Flower shop.
and a flower shop a couple blocks away run by a lady who says Edna
Cintron is godmother to her son.

So he would be in no position to know what she was wearing.
Still looking for confirmation that she had a bad back, since he says that.

Anthony Morrone, the baker, looked at the youtube video I made a while
back, and he says it's her.

But their original claim is that Edna Cintron is fictional, and she has
been proven real, with neighbors and husband and more people who knew
her we are still finding.
They lied. Edna Cintron is not fictional. She was well known in the
neighborhood and well thought of.

Once the weather is nicer we can find more.
Rosal Morrone, the matriarch of the bakery, who also knew Edna Cintron
got open heart surgery last week.
She's home now, but Anthony wouldn't let Paula Gloria see her, for fear
of germs.

So it's unknown, currently, who originally verified that that was Edna
Cintron up there.

And the identification still may have been made by "family", William
Cintron has not given us the address of her mother yet.
William Cintron got a million dollar settlement and left town, and the
folks in the neighborhood don't think much of him.
He has invited me down there, and I'm just about curious enough to go.
For sure I'd of gone before the latest turn of events.